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Lost data? Don’t panic! KUERT Data Recovery provides high quality data rescue services at a reasonable price. We use our award winning technology to get your data back.

Gegevens kwijt? Raak niet in paniek. Geen data - geen kosten policy in onze dienstverlening. Gratis bestek. Speciale aanbieding voor particulieren.

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Stormy data loss
May 5, 2012

Wild life photography winner - loses valuable data
March 14, 2012

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Data recovery
It is our core business and some of our most experienced specialists started working in this specific field already in the 1980's. KUERT data recovery are also offer computer forensic service which means we help investigating single computers or whole networks for digital traces of computer crime and economic crime. We can unveal for example hinds to phishing activities, fraud or black mail, stealing or manipulating data.
KUERT Data Recovery Belgium
Welcome to the internet site of KUERT Data Recovery Belgium or Dataterugwinning Belgie. In the past we received so many orders from Belgium that we decided to open a new bureau in Brussels or Bruxelles or Brüssel to be able to even serve you better with our data recovery and computer forensic services. We reserved extra space in one of our European clean rooms to offer data reconstruction in the minimum of time necessary. If you suffer from destroyed data but do not come from Belgium you are welcome to contact us for example from the Netherlands. We will do our best to bring back your data.
Our policy
In our policy data recovery can only be called successful if we get back the data that is most important for you. We use the most developed data recovery tools and data reconstruction software in combination with a wide range of data recovery know how, that we have elaborated over almost 20 years now. Because of that enormous specific data recovery knowledge we can also provide you with the service of data deletion. KUERT ensures when data is really destroyed irrecoverably. We use two different methods of data destruction: logical overwriting or physical destruction of the tape or the hard drive and other data carriers. 
Service availability
Where ever you come from in Belgium we are prepared to serve you: Anderlecht, Antwerpen, Arendonk, Arlon, Bastogne or  Charleroi and Chimay. Just contact us for any data recovery case! We are prepared to help you!
Technology process
Recuperation de donnees, Dataterugwinning, Data Recovery or Datenrettung is a a complicated technology that requires a experience, the right tools and equipment and the necessary facilities, like our clean room (class 100). In the beginning of the data recovery process there is always an analysis at one of our European laboratories, usually happens in Germany. After that data recovery analysis the customer gets an experts report that helps the decision whether to order the data recovery or not. In the data recovery report it is clearified what caused the damage to the data, how good are the chances of getting the data back and how much it definitely will cost to get the data back.
Once decided the customer gets the required data recovered and after payment he or she will receive it on a data carrier of his or her choice. In case of data loss the data recovery specialists from KUERT Data Recovery Belgium will serv their clients as described in the above article.
Behavior after data loss
In case of  data loss we strictly recommend not to try to repair the data carrier or the file system yourself. Do not re-install the operating system, like Windows or so on your crashed system. Call the specialists from Kuert Data recovery Belgium immediately, if you want your hard drive to be rescued. May it be a Lacie, an IBM Server Raid, any Raid Array or Data Recovery from any x - Terabyte Server - your data storage system is in good hands for data recovery at KUERT.
We recover your data and get it back to you on a new HDD or a data carrier of your choice. It does not matter to our specialists on which file system or operating system you are working. May it be FAT in its different appearances, like FAT 12, you can find in DOS or a floppy disc, FAT 16, like in Microsoft Windows NT, Windows 98, Windows 95 and back to Windows 3.x and DOS, VFAT or FAT32, that we know from Microsoft Windows XP, Windows 2000, Windows ME or already at Windows 98. We can of course also handle NTFS or NTFS 5 that a lot of users know. In addition to the windows world we are also familiar with Systems like Apple Macintosh (MFS, HFS, HFS+), Novell Netware (NSS, UFS, NWFS) Unix or Linux (EXT2, EXT3, ReiserFS, EXT2FS, EXT3FS). We can even serve you with Xenix or QNX. Though what ever file system or operating system to confront us with it is always a thrill but never a burden.
We are a proud member of the KÜRT Data Recovery, with subsidiaries in Germany / Deutschland, Austria, Netherlands, USA, UAE and the headquarters in Hungary. We deal with data recovery for quite a long period and are one of Europe's leading companies in that particular field of business. If you wish to learn more about us feel free at any time to contact us via mail or phone. We would also be happy to help you in terms of partnering with us.
You can imagine that all this know how has a certain value and we use it carefully to recover your data. Still we either offer a free analysis but not a cost-free data recovery. We know what we understand as quality service and that is why we offer data recovery service to the market. We do not give free samples of easy recovery or support the idea of data recovery at home or data reconstruction by your own.
We are able to securely bring back your valuable data that was stored on any data carrier. We do data recovery from CD, DVD, tape, USB-Stick, Flash memory devices, but our major activities are data recovery from hard drives and data recovery from raid systems or raid array.
Our computer forensics branch likes to emphasize that they do evaluation and unveiling of traces that can be found on single computers or computer systems and make them usable in front of court. Although running around in fancy dresses in the laboratory they do not do typical crime scene investigation like you see it, for example, on CSI Miami or Navy CIS. They are no wizards but specialist in their particular field of expertise. Their reports usually refer to the use of EnCase forensics, Xways forensics, FTK, if really wanted or some free tools that can be used to examine different file systems. The most important issue in terms of computer forensics is the fact that the results must be re-producible by an independent third party.

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